My heart is Moldova

11 Apr 19 > 11 Apr 19

My heart is Moldova

11 Apr 19 > 11 Apr 19

My heart is Moldova

The exhibition of Antonina and Vitalie Grisciuc


The exhibition called “My heart is Moldova” will be opened on the 10th of April at the Museum of Modern Art. Two Moldavian artists, Antonina and Vitalie Griscuic will perform more than 50 artworks in various visual arts techniques: oil on canvas, watercolors, pen and ink, engraving on paper.

The artists are freelance. They graduated from prestigious art institutions of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. The main motives of the artists’ paintings are Moldavian villages, old Chisinau architecture, Moldavian people, both adults and children as well.

The artists see and reflect Moldova in their works as a country from a fairy tale, with special charm of lights and colors, picturesque landscapes, lively rivers with smooth water and secular forests. It leads everyone into inspiration by admiring these wonders.

Old Chisinau which is located in a picturesque place on seven hills impresses both its visitors and inhabitants. Thereby the artists are faithful to the old part of the city.  They try to immortalize its architecture, creating new paintings of different times of year.

Antonina and Vitalie Grisciuc have participated in art exhibitions and organized their personal exhibitions for 25 years. Their works have been exhibited in numerous countries, including Moldova, Romania, Russia, Israel, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Japan and France. Many of paintings are included in state and private collections in various countries, such as: Moldova, Romania, Russia, Israel, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Ukraine, the USA, Vietnam, Switzerland, etc.

In recent years, the artists have participated predominantly in their personal and group exhibitions, organized in Moldova and outside of the country. Their latest exhibitions were held in Tel-Aviv, Israel; Madrid, Spain; Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova within the French Alliance events.

The primary themes of their exhibitions are usually dedicated to the Republic of Moldova, its people, landscapes and architecture of Chisinau.

Venue:  Museum of Modern Art

Dates:   10.04.2019

On the 10th of April –entrance by invitation only

Working Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm       

Tuesday – Sunday   /   Mondays  Closed

Standard Admission Fee: 5 AZN, Student Admission Fee:   2 AZN