On the way to the truth

17 Mar 19 > 17 Apr 19

On the way to the truth

17 Mar 19 > 17 Apr 19

The jubilee exhibition of Geyyur Yunus called “On the way to the truth”.


The National Artist of Azerbaijan Geyyur Yunus was born on the 26th of March in 1948 in Amirjan district of Baku. In 1971 he graduated from the Azerbaijani College named after Azim Azimzadeh. By 1977 he was a graduate of Academy of Art in Tbilisi.

The artist has been drawing since childhood. As a teenager, Geyyur was attending the workshop of his relative Sattar Bahlulzadeh – the National Artist of Azerbaijan.

Geyyur’s unique creativity combines conceptualism with romantic tendencies. The master thinks, writes his parables, and turns to the memory of his ancestors. His art is permeated with Islamic motifs. Specific images in his paintings illustrate episodes from Islamic ritual practice. Such characters usually have a beautiful appearance; there are moon-faced beauties, charming children and handsome elders.

The color of white pearl, one of the most favorite of the artist, receives different meanings in his paintings.

Geyyur Yunus has participated in many exhibitions both in Azerbaijan and abroad, including in the USA, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, England, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Syria, Algeria and Iran. Among them are the following:

1998-2000 – The Moscow International Art Salon;

2004 – ART Kavkaz Tbilisi;

2005 – The “Azerbaijani Days” exhibition in the Kremlin (Moscow);

2007 – Biennale-Tehran (Islamic Republic of Iran);

2016 – “Constellation of Absheron” exhibition of Azerbaijani artists, Moscow.

The works of Qeyyur Yunus are held in many museums, galleries and collections: State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow); Azerbaijan State Museum of Art (Baku); Museum of Friendship of Nations (Tbilisi); Art Museum (Pavlodar); Art-Modern Gallery (Moscow); Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow); Vostochnaya Gallery (Moscow); Art Museum (Komsomolsk-on-Amur); L’Orangerie Gallery (Saint-Paul de Vance, France); Ethnological Museum of Berlin (Berlin); D. Rockefeller collection (New York).

Since 1980 he has been a member of Azerbaijani Union of Artists.

In 1995 Geyyur received a “Humay” award.  In 2011 he was awarded an “Advance” medal.

The culmination of the painter’s creativity appears in the image of woman. The author particularly emphasizes that such images of woman are muslim. Geyyur is famous precisely for women’s portraits. Lyric landscapes also have a place in his art. Such symbols as pear, fish, and bird are also portrayed on the painter’s canvasses. He gives rich meanings to these symbols.

More than 100 paintings and graphic works will be presented in the exhibition called “On the way to the truth,” which is devoted to the 70th jubilee of this National Artist. The exhibition contains works from different periods of the artist’s creative career.

Geyyur Yunus is a Great Master, a painter who has made his own reality come alive in his many works.


Venue:  Museum of Modern Art

Dates:   17.03.2019

Working Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm       

Tuesday – Sunday   /   Mondays  Closed

Standard Admission Fee: 5 AZN, Student Admission Fee:  2 AZN