The presentation of the book “Red Bridge. Modern architects of the South Caucasus”

27 Jul 12 > 27 Jul 12

On July 27 Museum of Modern Art hosted a presentation of the book "Red Bridge. Modern architects of the South Caucasus" with the support of AAC company, manufacturer of building materials "gobustone". Authors of this book, which is the reflection of the interesting and unusual projects of the architects of Azerbaijan and Georgia are an Azerbaijan well-known architect, Elchin Aliyev and Georgian leading architect Nino Lagidze.

Leading architects from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia also attended the presentation. After the presentation of the authors, first vice-president of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan Elbay Gasimzade delivered speech.

According to him, the publication of this book is the result of a valuable and effective collaboration between the architects of the two friendly countries.

In his turn, general director of the "AAC" Teymur Abduragimov noted that the architecture includes also a building material. "We are proud of the work of our architects and would like to work closely with them. Speaking of building materials "gobustone", we want it to be merged not only into the architecture of Azerbaijan, but also the entire South Caucasus.

Later, the leading architect of Russia Alexander Asadov also noted talented work of our architects in his speech.

In recent years, the architects of the South Caucasus have made great success in the international arena, with many prestigious awards at international competitions. The construction boom in Azerbaijan and Georgia, caused by the rapid development of our countries, provided local experts great opportunities for self-expression and creativity. They say that the architecture – is a mystical profession. Because what on architect’s table – is the future. Questions of architectural and urban design and construction, it is much more serious than it seems: it is health, beauty, ecology, culture - is the fate of our future generations. That is why, today, all professionals involved in the construction industry, underline importance of choosing the right building material for any project. Experts have found the answer to this question in a cellular concrete.

"gobustone" - an environmentally friendly building material for the health of future generations. By using energy-efficient product "gobustone" you are also supporting the environment and resources of our country.