Garabaghname-the pages of the history

27 Feb 19 > 10 Mar 19

Garabaghname-the pages of the history

27 Feb 19 > 10 Mar 19

Documentary and art graphic exhibition of Arif Huseinov named as “Garabaghname – the pages of the history”


Arif Huseinov is a National Artist of Azerbaijan, a Professor, the prominent artist-miniaturist and illustrator of compositions.

The artist was born on the 30th of October in 1943 in Baku. He is a graduate of Art College named after Azim Azimzadeh. In 1972 he graduated Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art.

Arif Huseinov is a wonderful author of book illustrations, great teacher, loyal patriot of his country. The endless love to the Motherland is felt in his works. In 1994 he was a founder of the first gallery “World of Azerbaijan”.

Before this period, basically, he had been engaged in easel and book graphics.  Besides prominence in his native country, a lot of people overseas are familiar with the creativity of this artist. His exhibitions are held in all over the world up to now – in Moscow, Prague, Istanbul, Tokyo, etc.

The personal exhibitions of the artist:

1984- “100 illustrations” Baku-Moscow

2006 – “Daikokuya” Gallery, Tokyo

2009 – “Berlin-Baku” Gallery, Berlin

2012- M.A. Sabir “Hophopname” The Museum Center, Baku

2012 – “Azerbaijani Fairy-tale”, Baku

The artworks of Arif Huseinov are kept in National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan, State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, Azerbaijan National Art Gallery and in private collections.

 To quote Natig Rasulzadeh -Honored Art Worker, Arif Huseinov has the main quality as an artist that every creative personality need to possess. He likes to create the beauty. He possesses by sensitive soul of the artist. All what he cognizes, all beauty of the world amazes this Wise artist. In 1995 Arif  Huseinov received “Humay” award for the achievements in Fine Art. In 2006 he was honored with the title of National Artist of Azerbaijan.

The artist spends part of his time on working with young generation, children and teenagers. He has a studio where he teaches young artists for future fine arts of our Republic.

He demonstrates rich inner world and character of Azerbaijani people by his artworks.

More than 50 documentary and art graphic works will be represented at the exhibition. The given works are based on specific historical materials. The series includes the works which Albanian churches are portrayed on, famous historical facts, specific landscapes and portraits of historical personalities. Turkmenchai Treaty, remaking of Albanian churches, compositions devoted to Khojaly are depicted on these graphic pieces. The special feature showed at this exhibition in that the works do not have any titles. The text is written on the graphic work which describing events and people portrayed on the work. Graphic pieces of the “Letter of Peter I”, Turkmanchai Treaty”, Ganjasar monastery”, “Shotstatues”, Garabagh war”, “Panakhali khan”, “Folk musicians” and so on depicting historical truth through the exquisite imagination of the artist are quite attractive and catchy. Black and white graphics will have visual impact on viewers. The exhibition has educational character. The great historical information is inherited in it. Every citizen of Azerbaijan must know his history. As Garabagh is our Land, our History.


Venue:  Museum of Modern Art

Dates:   27.02.2019

Working Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm       

Tuesday – Sunday   /   Mondays  Closed

Standard Admission Fee: 5 AZN, Student Admission Fee:  2 AZN