Maryam Alakbarli exhibition

25 Jan 14 > 08 Feb 14

In Baku, at the Museum of Modern Art took place the opening of Maryam Alakbarli’s personal exhibition. It is felt some dividing line of the image at the self-portraits of Maryam Alakbarli. Probably, this line divides a space in which big love of the artist united to the great but not always kind world and her mutual sense to it.

The series of works “Dance of colors”, presented by the artist, it reflects permanent enriched inner world of the artist. The canvas “ Blossoming valley”, “Still life with fruits and a white jug”, “Amazon” and “Fairy-tales motives” attract attention by brightness of colors and shades.

It emanates warmth from Maryam’s works. Although Maryam is still very young, her previous path was enough thoughtful.

Two exhibitions of the artist were opened in Baku in 2010, first one- in Art Garden, the second one-in the gallery Qiz Qalasi. Her personal exhibitions were held in Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Ankara.

In 2011 the works of Maryam were presented in UNESCO headquarters. The albums of works “My lovely world”, “Seasons”, “Dance of colors” issued in the English, French and Japanese languages.

Maryam-is   the seldom phenomenon in art. She has been already held artist. It’s a great gladness for Azerbaijan state that it has such talented and young people like Maryam. She quite deserves every of awards.