The Seven

17 Dec 09 > 17 Jan 10

In the collections of the Seven individuality, originality of development of themes are vividly expressed. Photographers treat technical perfection of image with some irony. Colour deformation, narrowing of the tonal lines and other technical inaccuracy help to abstract our mind, intensifies the image perception. And the images tell about the same: about virtue and evil, love and hatred, loneliness, labor, intimacy, about the aspiration to happiness and the wish to live.

The seven authors of different ages, education, social statuses. They are joined by the capability of giving visual realization to their observations, ideas, feelings that is photography. While investigating and analyzing reality they build their worlds considering the photo as the method of creating of artistic image. Being different from one another in stylistic form of presentation of image objects, they preserve the basis, the essence of photo, its documentary –physical reality as it is.


Elnur Babayev, Fakhriyya Mammadova, Ilkin Huseynov, Rena Effendi, Sitara Ibrahimova, Sergey Khrustalov, Takhmina Akhmedova.